I've always had an interest in health and fitness, not consciously, but often as an escape from the demands of life and a way to clear my head.  I instinctively knew that I was a better, happier more fulfilled person when I felt healthy and strong.  I then made the decision I wanted to leave corporate life and make health and wellness my future.  I threw myself into learning as much as I could about holistic wellness; what makes some people successful at making changes, and why others find it more challenging, breaking down the nutritional barriers, how to balance all the aspects of our life, what role our values play in keeping us accountable and how we think, about others and ourselves, makes such a significant impact on our happiness.

Just before I had my first baby, I started my own business as a Personal Trainer working out of our garage.  I loved seeing people become stronger, loving to hate me (you get it...)  and building a relationship with them.  We eventually built our own house (it sounds so easy when I write it in four words, but it was a draining and arduous 4 year project!)  and built a studio at home.  This enabled me to keep working around our kids and still do something that I loved.  After 8 years as a PT I started to want to give more than just physical strength and fitness but empower people to make the changes required to get the best out of all aspects of their life.   That was when I decided to study Health Coaching, which helped cement in my mind how I could pull all of this together.


Making the right choices is so much easier when we understand the motivation behind them.  Every single choice we make moves us toward or further away from health, happiness and quality of life.  Not everything in my life has always gone to plan, but I've always had an attitude that anything is possible if you're prepared to keep learning, accept that you'll make mistakes and that's ok, back yourself, be humble, show gratitude, experience failure and keep moving forward, surround yourself with people that accept you and always be authentic.

One of the greatest things about becoming a Health Coach is what I have learnt about myself, discovering new things, and finding my own purpose and sense of balance. I would love to do the same thing for you.

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