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This is my "Why"

Life is a continuum....the choices we make now may not affect us in a week or even a year, but they accumulate and at some point they make an impact on our lives.  If we are regularly making good balanced choices that allow us to thrive, we will continue to do that over the years. If not, at some point in the continuum the choices you are making now will negatively impact your life, manifesting in physical or mental instability.   The body can only take on so much toxicity before it can't take any more and disease occurs.  

Navigating health in today’s world is difficult.  It requires battles with distraction, time, cultural myths, overload, passivity, the allure of quick fixes, old habits, and the weight of the status quo, to name a few.  We’ve been sold the notion that health requires outside interventions however it requires a better understanding of ourselves, connection to our values and retraining our subconscious.


Changes that last take time.  As a Health Coach I build relationships, ask tough questions that people might be avoiding of themselves and use motivational interviewing to discover what their reasons are for change.  I guide people to make better choices by connecting with their personal values, whilst understanding how their conscious knowledge and reasoning and their subconscious belief system guides their current choices.  

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