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"Sarah is a great motivator and has helped me with a personal goal of running an ultramarathon. I would highly recommend Sarah as a Coach".


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"The brilliant thing about Sarah is that she 'gets' her clients.  She meets you where you're at and then works alongside you to reach your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.  She knows when to push you, when to support you and when to laugh with you".


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Over the past 18 years I have had several coaches, both standalone and chain style gym based ones, and have tried all manner of fitness programs.  All were attempts by me to lose weight, and as a side bonus maybe get fit. None lasted more than 18 months in duration and all ended with frustration and disappointment at not sustaining any weight loss, and more often than not becoming injured.

Through Sarah I have learnt the ‘why’ of food & exercise, and finally, for the first time in my adult life genuinely seek to maintain a healthy mind and body as a priority, and understand that the by-product of this is often weight loss, but more importantly, a stronger mind and body, and consistent enjoyment of movement.


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Whatever your health and fitness goals, Sarah tailors exercises so that you can achieve your best.

She is a terrific role model for health, fitness and well being, and an inspiration when your own motivational tank is running empty.

On those sleepy 6am mornings PT sessions, she pushes me to go that little bit further, makes sure my technique is correct, and piques my interest by mixing up the routine. She is welcoming and friendly, and trains with a sharp wit and no nonsense style".  


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